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OCP ECO Neem - 100ml
Eco-neem (100ml)   Best Organic Pest Control Product. Remove both pest & fu..
Eco Oil 500mL Organic Certified
Eco Oil Organic Miticide Insecticide - 500ml bottle Product Description Eco..
Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance Pest Control Spray 525ml
Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance™ 525ml / 450g   Product offers advantages over oth..
Green Cleaner - 118ml(4 oz)
Green Cleaner - 4 oz bottle (118ml) Amazing product, kill the pest & kill ..
Full Spectrum XLED 4FT/100W
HARVEMAX Hydroponic XLED 4000K + 660nm(red), 4FT long(110cm)   Power Consumptio..
Full Spectrum XLED 60W
HARVEMAX Hydroponic XLED 4000K + 660nm(red), 2FT long(60cm)   Power Consumption..
FoxFarm Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom
FoxFarm Soil Trio Tiger Bloom, Grow Big, Big Bloom(3x946ml)   (Foxfarm is a very fam..
Guano Super Bloom Super Grow
Nature's Own Guano Super Bloom & Super Grow Take option 1L or 5L Natures Own ..
Hydro halo Watering Ring 12"/300mm
12"/300mm Hydro Halo Watering Ring with 3 posts ..
Hydro halo Watering Ring 9"/230mm
9"/230mm Hydro Halo Watering Ring with 3 posts ..
MAMMOTH P - 60ml
MAMMOTH P - 60ml The Benefits MAMMOTH P is the first organically derived microbial inocul..
LED Power Bar 4FT/48W(3000K:6500K)
HARVEMAX New Generation LED power Bar Grow Light Australia Exclusiv..



600W HPS Lamp
High-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps are smaller and contain additional elements such as mercury, and..
Super 600W MH Lamp
This MH light can provides high initial and maintained lumen output with optimum spectral energy ..
Digital CMH 315W Ballast
The Digital CMH 315W Smart Digital Ballast integrates a patented lamp preservation mechanism desi..
HARVEMAX 600W Digital Ballast
  HARVEMAX 600W Digital Ballast - Silent Run New Harvemax branded Electronic ballast..
130W Complete Energy Saving Light Kit
  130W Energy Saving Light Kit (Socket: E39/E40) A compact fluorescent l..
4"/100mm Carbon Filter 3.4kg
Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that uses a bed of activated carbon to remove contamina..
Perlite(Coarse Grade) 100L
Perlite is a heat expanded, man made product for use as a hydroponic growing medium. Perlite reta..
Mesh Tray
  Size: 53 x 29 x 6cm     ..
140x140x200cm Grow Tent
HARVEMAX  Propagation Mylar Grow Tent Melbourne Exclusive Distributor : 4/5 Commercial ..
Mylar Foil Film
  Mylar With Black Backing Quality high reflective mylar bonded onto a strong 110 micr..
T5 NANO Grow Light
HARVEMAX T5 Microgree & Pet bar light with nano reflector get 50% more lumen with n..





New Product

Made specifically for double ended 1000W HPS horticulture lamps

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COB LED means chip on board LED, it’s one of bare chip technologies, which interconnect bare chip to substrate by conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then wire...

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Hydroponics Library

Hydroponic Solution


Hydroponic solutions vary from plant to plant but the basic nutritional requirements hold true for all plants. All plants need water and twelve separate chemicals to live.

The solution is more efficient than soil because with soil the plant needs to extract inorganic and ionic chemicals where as in a hydroponic solution, extraction is not needed and the plant can readily absorb the nutrients...more


New Product



Complete Double Ended Systems include a high frequency or ultra high frequency ballast, DE lamp and reflector/fixture. You'll be up in running in minutes with these systems...Details


6" HARVEMAX 2 Speed Fan
6" HARVEMAX 2 Speed Fan

Item good as Germans brand. Super fast delivery thanks!!!.. ...»
HARVEMAX 600W Digital Ballast
HARVEMAX 600W Digital Ballast

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130W Complete Energy Saving Light Kit
130W Complete Energy Saving Light Kit

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2x2x2M Grow Tent
2x2x2M Grow Tent

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