Boveda 2-Way Humidity Controller 62% RH

  • Boveda 2-Way Humidity Controller 62% RH
Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control continually responds to ambient conditions by adding or removing moisture to affect the enclosed environment and deliver the pre-determined RH (relative humidity) level printed on the pack.

Three Things you should know about using Boveda

A) When It's dry & crispy, it's time to replace.
When Boveda is completely dry, it will turn into a solid wafer. It’s just short of this, when there are very few soft spots left, that you’ll want to replace them.

B) The More you use, the longer they last.
Adding more than the minimum amount recommended by Boveda is perfectly ok and in some cases required for dry climates, seasonality, or very leaky storage containers.

C) The more you expose it to air, the harder it has to work.
If your Boveda is being depleted quickly (less than 2 months) then you know that Boveda is working extra hard to keep that environment stable. The solution is to verify your humidor doesn’t need to be re-seasoned, or to add more Boveda packs.

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