General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow & Bloom 2x 946ml

General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow & Bloom 2x 946ml

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    General Hydroponics FloraNova Gorw&Bloom

    2x 946ml


      FloraNova is a liquid base fertilizer with a patented formula. It’s a concentrated and robust recipe your plants will love, in an easy-to-use liquid format you’ll love too. Use nearly any way you grow: in hydroponics, with soilless mixtures and potted plants, or for garden-grown plants in continuous liquid feed programs. No matter the environment, FloraNova is designed to help you grow vigorous plants.

      FloraNeactar ® Grow

      FloraNova® Grow supports and nourishes plants from their first moments of growth into later stages. It's also ideal for delivering needed nutrients to mother plants and new cuttings so you can establish them with confidence.

      FloraNeactar ® Bloom

      FloraNova® Bloom ,designed specifically for fruiting or flowering stages of growth, promotes vibrant color and higher yields.

      Package Include:

      1x  General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow - 946ml 

      1x  General Hydroponics FloraNova Bloom - 946ml