10A Heavy Duty Analog Timer Switch

10A Heavy Duty Analog Timer Switch

  • Brand: HARVEMAX
  • Product Code: 10ATimer
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Used to control the time required to open and related appliances, such as: water dispenser, water heaters, air conditioners, rice cookers, advertising lighting.

Used to control the power length, Such as: electric bicycle battery, cell phone batteries, battery charging.
Off the electricity needs frequent occasions. Flower pigsty, lawn sprinkler intermittent, periodic aeration tank filter, water fountains.
Home security system control.



  1. Voltage: 220-250V /AC, 50Hz
  2. Current: 220-250V, 10A
  3. Max. Work Load: 2400W
  4. 24 hours mechanical timer switch
  5. 15 minute minimum setting
  6. Single Outlet
  7. Plug: AU Standard (3-PIN)
  8. Align present time to pointer
  9. Push segments down for required "ON" time
  10. Plug in timer, cordless



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