900x450x240CM 1680D 28mm Pole Super Large HARVEMAX Indoor Grow Tent

900x450x240CM 1680D 28mm Pole Super Large HARVEMAX Indoor Grow Tent

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HARVEMAX Super Large Grow Tent, heavy duty, and extra high

Size: 900 x 450 x 240CM

1680D , 28mm steel poles

PERFECT for Warehouse Farm Grow, Easy environment control !

The design of the tent and positioning of air and cable ports makes installing the grow lights and fan and filter kit easy however you want to position them. The inner lining of the HARVEMAX tent is a highly reflective dimpled mylar surface to make the most of the intense light emitted by the grow light. The poles that hold up the tents are a sturdy thick 28mm that you can trust to hold up heavy filter kits. If you are using our lighting systems, this is the tent that will help you to make the most of the light spread that they give.


  1. Extra large size 900x450CM and 240CM extra height;
  2. 100% water proof floor with extra water tray;
  3. Heavy duty frame with 28mm steel poles;
  4. Cover Made by high reflective mylar 1680D heavy duty materials;
  5. Light proof design;
  6. Tent heights: 2.40m (7.9ft)


  • The ultimate in quality for the professional grower;
  • Heavy duty frame, corners and fabric, with stainless steel locker click;
  • Dual multiple intake and extraction socks;
  • Equipment tubes that have a very strong load load capacity;
  • Wide easy access door, with jam-proof / waterproof zipper. Waterproof floor;
  • Large doors - easy to access and work in;
  • Material is washable inside and outside;

Delivery Instruction:

Large Parcel, both delivery or local store pickup available.

Package Include:

1x  HARVEMAX grow tent 900x450x240CM (comes with hanging belts, instruction and etc.)