GT Foliage Focus 1L

GT Foliage Focus 1L

  • AUD $18.50

Introducing Growth Technology Foliage Focus.

Developed utilizing Growth Technology’s groundbreaking Single Part Technology (SPT) and crafted from the finest quality raw materials, the Focus Range provides a comprehensive profile of all 12 essential minerals crucial for plant growth.

True to its name, the Focus range caters to the specific nutritional needs of various plant types.


The GT Focus range establishes the standard for liquid nutrients. Here's why:

  1. Complete Nutrient Profile: Unlike the majority of fertilizers, all Focus products contain each of the 12 essential minerals, including Calcium, meticulously blended into an easily absorbable liquid concentrate.

  2. pH Buffered: Ensures that all 12 essential minerals are readily available to the plant.

  3. Tailored Formulation: Formulated and balanced to meet the specific requirements of different plant types.

  4. Premium Quality: Manufactured using only the highest-grade raw materials and chelated trace elements, ensuring effortless absorption by the plant.

  5. Free from Harmful Substances: Guaranteed not to contain potentially harmful and ineffective chlorides, urea, sodium, and ammonium.

  6. Easy to Use: Comes with simple instructions, making it user-friendly.

  7. Cost-Effective: Yields up to 200 liters of working solution.


With GT Foliage Focus, anticipate a healthier plant featuring:

  • Faster growth and development
  • Increased root development and strength
  • Abundant vegetative growth
  • Larger, more vibrant flowers and prize-winning blooms
  • Enhanced resistance to disease
  • Increased tolerance to environmental stress.

Package Include:

1 x GT Foliage Focus 1L