Nutrifield Clayball Aqua Clay Pebbles (Leca) - 10L Free Shipping

Nutrifield Clayball Aqua Clay Pebbles (Leca) - 10L Free Shipping

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Nutrifield High Quality ClayBalls - 10L

Please Note: 10L clay balls NOT Equal to 10KG

This Germany Made Hydro Clay starts with the highest grade natural clay following a strict grading formula and is assembled via granulation method. By following this process we guarantee that you get a more consistent spherical shape and size with a more uniform and rigid structure that resists breaking. You get a consistent 8-16mm round shape that is rigid and made from 100% freshly mined raw clay material free of impurities and ready to use straight out of the bag. You will not disappoint.

Boosts Oxygen Supply to the Root Zone

Our Hydro Clay maximizes air flow to your plants root zone via the numerous open pathways which the media creates. Other media that compact induce oxygen starvation which slows plant growth wherein you are guaranteed optimal air flow with Our Hydro Clay for expedited plant development.

The Incredibly Versatile Substrate

Our Hydro Clay is incredibly versatile and can be used as a stand alone medium, blended with other substrates, or to line the bottom of the pot for optimal drainage. When used on top, Nutrifield® Hydro Clay has the ability to reduce algae, fungus gnats and it also prevents unwanted weeds on the surface by keeping the top of the medium dry.

Perfectly Clean & Inert Media - Healthier plant if grow in pure clay ball.

Our Hydro Clay is a natural growing medium that contains no harmful or undesirable substances. Our Hydro Clay is inert – meaning that it has a neutral pH, is resistant to chemicals and will not break down as easily as inferior products in the market and can be reused.


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