Medium Size Dome Kit with T5 2FT/24W Light

Medium Size Dome Kit with T5 2FT/24W Light

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HARVEMAX T5 2FT/24W propagation light


Medium Size Dome Box


A propagator will increases the humidity and moisture, therefore seeds will germinate much faster under a optimum surrounding.Straight vertical sides use of all plant sites in a propagation tray.

1. Using seeding nursery box, can easy centralized management, saving time and effort, it is also easy to operate.
2. Transparent lid can play a insulation role, with moisturizing effect, do not need plastic wrap.




  • Size: 532mm(L) x 275mm(W) x 260mm(H)
  • Cube size: 36mm x 36mm x 40mm
  • Water retention
  • Good intensity
  • Fully compostable & biodegradable
  • Perfect air to water ratio



HARVEMAX T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Australia Exclusive < 2ft long >


It is one of the best types of lights you can use to grow any kind of plant, from vegetables to the most delicate flowers.


True Nano Silver Material Reflector, 99.9% high reflection, nothing better than it.



Full spectrum daylight T5 fixture will have your plants basking in sunlight all day .... and night.

With a colour temperature of 6500K HO bulb, the approximate colour temperature of the sun at high noon, combined with full spectrum technology, our T5 fixtures emulate the sun without heat so you don't have to worry about harming any of your plants.

Gardening with T5 fixture is convenient, year-round and efficient. Just set up your plants, carefully place your light sources and watch your garden prosper.

HARVEMAX T5 nano fixture comes with high quality aluminum alloy fixture and snapon NANO reflector.
The NANO reflector captures and reflects 99.9% of previously lost light and increases lumen availability by 300%.



These lights are mainly used as additional or full-on artificial lighting for plants to re-create the natural light spectrum. They can be used in many different environments and conditions, from greenhouses to indoor gardens.


Item in kit:

1x Medium size dome box

1x HARVEMAX T5 2FT/24W propagation bar light, 6500K

(with AU power cord & hanging clip)