Trim Tray Kit - 150 micron

Trim Tray Kit - 150 micron

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The Most Comfortable, Ultra-Light,
Laptop Trimming Surface
with 150 micron screen, scraper, magnifying glass, stainless steel pruner
Growing a crop is half the battle; you still need to know how to harvest and process it correctly. If you follow all the instructions and get an excellent marijuana crop, it’s time to pick it up. Trimming buds might seem easy, but it’s not that simple. It is a rather lengthy and challenging task. To facilitate it, you need ergonomic equipment.
Since you spend a lot of time cropping weed, it is important not to overload your back and arms; otherwise, attention will decrease, and the quality of processing will become worse due to fatigue. High-quality trimming trays will remove an unnecessary load from your body and make the whole process as convenient as possible. Of course, you could stick to the usual trays, but it is better to choose professional equipment, especially if you need to trim a lot of plants. It is a worthwhile investment that will pay off quickly enough.
Package Include:
[1x] White bud trim tray (with Scraper & Magnifying Glass)
optional -> [1x] curved stainless steel pruner

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