2 x Blue 6500k/9000k Clone Led Bar Light 4ft

2 x Blue 6500k/9000k Clone Led Bar Light 4ft

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!!!Note: Since the 4FT(120cm) is over sized for post office, Po Box, Parcel Locker and Apartment without receptionist are not suitable for delivery 

HARVEMAX New Clone LED Power Bar Grow Light Water Resistant 

Twin Packed / Box 

18w/6500k or 18w 9000k or 25w 6500k 


Driver consistent canopies,crop quality and productivity with a continuous supply of healthy, homogenous and vigorous clones. The new LED clone twin-pack contains two energy-efficient LED bars, each one ideal for illuminating two full-sized propagators or equivalment cloning machines.
Growers enjoy long-term reliability and peace of mind with IP66 rating for use in wet environments. Each LED clone bar is rated for 54,000+ hour use.
Each twin-pack comes with four hanging clips and zip tie slots for quick and easy installation.
It is a perfect replacement for T5 fluorescent grow light, more efficient than similar high-output T5 fluorescent tubes and lasting longer. LED clone bars deliver a superior 6500K and 9000K spectrum, specially tailored to promote quick rooting, overall plant health, and vigorous early growth in both stem cuttings and seedings.

You will get two of 18/25w LED lights. Even the light with different spectrum and watts, they can be link with daisy chain. 

18W LED can link up to 50 light bar per power cord
25W LED can link up to 40 light bar per power cord

  • Input Voltage:120-277V
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Input Current:0.065-0.15A@18W,0.09-0.21A@25W
  • Input Power:18W/25W
  • Color Temperature:6500K/9000K((With 450NM Blue & 660NM Red )
  • Efficacy:2.1 μmol/J@6500K ,2.4 μmol/J@9000K
  • Ambient Temperature:0-35℃
  • Min Power Factor:0.9
  • Power Cord 120V:4ft long, Australia Standard Plug
  • Operation Frequency : Direct-Current Input
  • Waterproof Rating:IP66
  • Total Length: 1182mm 
  • Total Width: 15mm
  • Total Height: 55mm

    Package Included

    1 x   4ft Clone LED Bar Twin Pack 18W 6500K or 18W 9000K or 25W 6500K(optional)

    1 x   AU Power Cable - 1.2M

    1 x  bag of light clips 

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