Hydro Axis Axial Fan 5'' /125mm

Hydro Axis Axial Fan 5'' /125mm

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It's designed for the extraction and the replacement of air. Also, provides a supply of fresh air into greenhouse that is perfect for propagation through flowering. 

These inline fans are typically used for smaller loads when compared to mix flow fans. 

Hydro Axis Inline Axial Fans' design allows for extremely quiet and smooth performance due to the featured blades. 

The design also features stands for easy mounting as well as attached spigots to allow easy installation of ducting. 

High reliability is an important factor. So when reliability matters for your small systems, the Hydro Axis Inline Axial Fans are guaranteed to deliver continuous duty. 

Ideal for air cooled reflector Cooling and Grow Tent Grow Room air circulation Works best with enclosed grow spaces as an air duct 


BearingVoltageFrequencyCurrentPowerSpeedAir Flow




  • High impact polycarbonate blade
  • Come with AUS standard plug
  • Powerful and efficient performance, Lightweight and practical.
  • Perfect for ventilation of Grow Room or air cooling of grow light reflector.
  • Noiseless and power saving.
  • 1 yr warranty


Package Include:

1x HydroAxis 5"/125mm Axial Ventilation Fan

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