4"/100mm Ventilation Fan Filter Kit

4"/100mm Ventilation Fan Filter Kit

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Complete 4" Ventilation Fan Filter Kit
come with HARVEMAX Heavy Duty Carbon Filter
Low noise gently running, durable quality.
You will like it !!

4" Ventilation Fan, power saving and high efficient

Flange Size: 4"/100mm
Air Flow : 137m3/hr
Power: 16/18W
Sound Level: 18dba (3M)

- 1Year Warranty Melbourne Local Warehouse(0% return so far)

- Global Safety Certification

- High quality metal casing
- Quiet Run
- AU Plug - plug and play
- ball bearing

HARVEMAX 4"/100mm Active Carbon Filter- 3kg


1. Perfectly Fit for 4" inline fan and ducting
2. Completely Maintenance Free
3. Filtration Effect: 99.7%
4. With Long Life(12 -18 Months)


    1. Premium carbon insert
    2. High quality Aluminum top and base
    3. Extra thick 38mm Carbon bed, 3Kg
    4. Customized 53% open air stainless steel mesh
    5. White nice quality pre-filter cloth include
    6. Machine packed the carbon
    7. Instant time 0.05 seconds purify nasty odors, contaminated air
    8. Flange Size is 4inch/100mm

4" Aluminum Ducting

1). Application

It's a range of fully flexible uninsulated aluminum/polyester laminated ducting, which has been specially designed for the HVAC market. Because of it's flexibility, it is easy to connect to either round or oval ducting.

2). Construction

It is a mulch-ply reinforced aluminum and polyester laminated ducting with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix.

3). Advantages

  1. Supplied standard 6 meters length, compressed to 0.4-0.6 meter
  2. Individually boxed
  3. Easy to connect to either round or oval ducting
  4. No special tools required for cutting or fixing
  5. In the event of a fire no toxic gases are emitted
  6. The products have been successfully tested for fire resistance
  7. Heavy duty flexible aluminum foil air duct

Package Include:

1x  4" Ventilation Inline axial fan

1x  heavy duty 4" Aluminium Ducting x 6m

1x  HARVEMAX 4" Carbon Filter with Virgin Carbon(3kg)

2x 4" Hose Clamps

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