4"/100mm Single Speed Inline Fan Duct Carbon Filter Ventilation kit

4"/100mm Single Speed Inline Fan Duct Carbon Filter Ventilation kit

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HARVEMAX 4" Single  Speed Quiet Fan Ventilation Kit

Single Speed Control Mixed Flow 4"(100mm) Inline Duct Fan

Model: HF-100P

Product Features:

  • The shell is made of ABS plastic, one-time disposable molded, with high anti-acid function.
  • Using ABS blades, design by hydromechanics to reach the optimal air and pressure.
  • Imported NMB ball bearing, it's life expectancy up to 50,000 hours.
  • IP44 Protection class, waterproof and dustproof more effective.
  • Can be designed with a delay function, temperature sensors and humidity sensors, more of user-friendly features design.
  • Run the ambient temperature range: -20°C~60°C.
  • Speed Cable in control box

Air flow: 198m3/hr

HARVEMAX 4"/100mm Active Carbon Filter with Virgin Carbon High Efficient


1. Perfectly Fit for 4" inline fan and ducting
2. Completely Maintenance Free
3. Filtration Effect: 99.7%
4. With Long Life(12 Months)


    1. Premium carbon insert
    2. High quality Aluminium top and base
    3. Extra thick 4cm Carbon bed, 2.8Kg
    4. Customized 53% open air stainless steel mesh
    5. White nice quality pre-filter include
    6. Machine packed the carbon
    7. Instant time 0.05 seconds purify nasty odors, contaminated air
    8. Flange Size is 4inch 100mm

4" Dual Layer Aluminium Ducting - no noise

1). Application

It's a range of fully flexible uninsulated aluminium/polyester laminated ducting, which has been specially designed for the HVAC market. Because of it's flexibility, it is easy to connect to either round or oval ducting.

2). Construction

It is a mulch-ply reinforced aluminium and polyester laminated ducting with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix.

3). Advantages

  1. length about 7M
  2. Easy to connect to either round or oval ducting
  3. No special tools required for cutting or fixing
  4. In the event of a fire no toxic gases are emitted
  5. The products have been successfully tested for fire resistance
  6. Heavy duty flexible dual layer aluminum foil air duct

4'' Hose Clamp 

  • Easy to use, pressure-proof, corrosion resistant.
  • Connection fasteners for fans, ducting, filter, water, oil, gas, hydraulic hose.
  • Can be used in conjunction with mechanical ventilation, air conditioning systems, extractor fans, cooker hoods etc.
  • Ideal for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), bath and general ventilating applications
  • Clamp looks may a little bit different since different batch product, but same principle.

Package Include:

1x  HARVEMAX Single Speed Control Mixed Flow 4"(100mm) Inline Duct Fan

1x  4" Aluminium Ducting x 7 meter

1x  HARVEMAX 4" Carbon Filter with Virgin Carbon

2x  4'' Hose Clamps 

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