Runoff Tray 15''/22''

Runoff Tray 15''/22''

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The Bucket Company growing system utilizes the convenience of growing in containers whist offering benefits of root pruning through the use of mesh inserts and patented bucket design. Well known for its easy to use and expandable /Modular design, this planter truly has Universal appeal. The Ez-Pz planter works with all growing mediums and different applications, while being completely adaptable to your particular preference as each system can be setup to recirculate nutrients, or as a run to waste system - you decide. 

* 15/22 Inch Tray (Take Size Option)

* 4x PVC legs 

* Plumbing elbow with nut and washers 

The Medical Planter is made with FDA and EPA approved plastics. It will keep the planters disease free and healthy plants by eliminating 99.95% of E-coli, Mould and Algae. The Medical Planter is clinically tested to ensure NO E-coil, Mould and Algae from along the walls of the planter, keeping the growing medium safe from any harmful bacteria or pathogens. 

Package Include:

[1x]  Runoff Tray - 15''/22''(take size option)

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